New Year, New You, New Wardrobe?

What does 2019 look like for you?

Maybe you want a clean slate, which might look like a clean closet for you. You can always bring in your gently used clothing to one of our four store locations to help someone else add something new to their wardrobe, or to help reduce the millions of tons of textile waste that go to our landfills each year.

Maybe you’re the one looking to reinvent your wardrobe this year! If so, we make it easy to explore your options with daily sales in various departments throughout the store, and by stocking thousands of new items each day. The choices are endless and always fresh, so hurry in to start shopping.

Remember we are cash only, but always have an ATM available for your convenience. Also keep in mind that reusable grocery bags don’t have to just be for groceries - you can bring in your reusable bags for us to fill with your thrifty finds at checkout, and help us reduce the amount of plastic put out into the world.

Happy New Year, and happy thrifting!