Welcome to Family Thrift Center!

An array of t-shirts organized by color.
A rack full of shoes varying in style, organized by color.

We are a collection of well-organized, brightly-lit thrift stores that put out thousands of new items at each location daily. Stop by one of our four locations, we're open seven days a week.

Store Hours: Mon - Sat 9-6, Sun 12-5

Clothing rack with pants neatly organized by color in the women’s department.


Our store displays easy to read department signs and color coordinated clothing racks to help shoppers quickly find what they need.


We maintain the brightest interior stores in order to make it easy to find the brands and sizes that shoppers need.


Each day offers 5,000 - 10,000 new items onto the sales floor, and also a Sale of the Day. While sales vary among departments and tag color, shoppers can always find something in our store for 50% off. 


Do you have donations? We will come to you! 

We are proud to partner with the Vietnam Veterans for America to pick up your gently used clothing, household items, and small furniture. For your convenience we offer a fast, free scheduled pickup service to come to your house and collect your donations.

Call (800) 775-VETS (8387) to get started, or visit www.scheduleapickup.com.


Did you know?

Pie chart illustrating that 85% of used textiles ends up in landfills.
Weight representing the 15 million tons of used textile generated in the US in one year.
Partial shirt showing that only 15% of used textiles are recycled.

85% of used textiles go to national landfills.

15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States. 

15% of consumer clothing is recycled, while nearly 100% of all clothing is recyclable.